Hiring Tree Cutting and Removal Services: FAQs

We are fully aware that trees are vital in our lives. They are our source of oxygen, food, and many more. However, there are many instances that we need to cut or remove them for the safety and protection of our property, especially our family.  

Trees can be harmful to ourselves and our family significantly when we do not conduct maintenance. During disasters, it can fall and hit the homes that will put us in trouble. Through tree cutting and removal, we can have a safe property.  

There are many reasons why we need to cut and remove trees. If we want to have a spacious garden and backyard, we need to get rid of our trees. Also, if we have overgrown trees, pests and wild animals have the tendencies to enter our homes because of the branches. Tree removal and cut are also a must if we have trees that suffer from diseases. It is a must to ensure that the illnesses will stop and will not spread to other trees, plants, and shrubs. With people who excel in this field, like Kennewick tree service, they will take good care of everything! 

Before starting to deal with the removal of your trees, it is best to ask for helping hands. We need to ensure that we have people who are ready to do the task with the utmost professionalism. As the owners, it is not strange that we ask questions about the things which concern the removal and cutting of our trees.  

Here are the frequently asked questions about the hiring tree cutting and removal services: 

  1. Are your staff have licenses and certifications for the job? One of the most significant people that you should hire is a certified arborist. Arborists should be certified by the ISA. If they this certification, it is sure that they undergo proper training before working in the field. 
  2. Are you a member of organizations in this field of work? Usually, a reputable company is a member of The Tree Care Industry Association and the American Society of Consulting Arborists. They are the two prestigious organizations in this field of work. Hiring people that are one of them is a wise decision since it guarantees exemplary outputs.  
  3. Can I see your insurance papers? Insurance is very much significant in this work. Tree removal and cutting are dangerous, and there are cases that accidents occur within our area. If you want to prevent liabilities to any medical expenses, insurance should be presented by the company.  
  4. What are the tools and equipment? Well, you can eventually determine if you are in the right tree service company based on their tools and equipment. Commonly, a competent tree service company has high-tech and high-quality tools and equipment perfect for the job. It is also an assurance that the company practices a safety work. 
  5. How long will you do the work? Well, if you want to use your property as soon as possible, hire someone that will offer this type of service. You can ask for contracts, especially about the charges and agreement. Ensure that you will not suffer any expenses that are not included in the agreement.  

Can Lighting Damage Your Trees?

Whenever spring arrives, people typically welcome bird songs and flowers. However, you probably know that you will have more than several unwelcome storms during the spring season. Aside from intense rain, hail, and wind, big trees are vulnerable to damage if lightning strikes them during a thunderstorm as well. 

Oftentimes, trees are the tallest feature in your residential property. Basically, they become lightning rods during severe storms. If a bolt of lightning strikes your tree, the interior sap of your tree boils. Because of this, it emits stream and results in the cells to burst. This will often cause the wood and bark to peel off or be removed from the tree.  lightning strike would often kill a tree right away. However, it also weakens the tree a lot that it dies eventually from secondary problems. This includes diseases and pests.  

If lightning struck your tree, do not hesitate to call a Bozeman tree service company immediately.  

How to Figure Out Lighting Damage 

Damage from lightning might not be always clear to the untrained individual. It can typically look as if your tree has some form of deterioration or other physical damage. Also, you might not even know that you’re a bolt of lightning has struck your tree until you begin to see a bigger scale die in your tree’s canopy. 

Your tree might have a high possibility of survival if the lighting hits it only on one side. Unfortunately, the tree will probably die if it’s struck and lightning moves towards the tree’s middle part. The reason for this is that both sides of the tree are damaged.  

There are also other aspects that can help figure out if a certain tree would survive when it is struck by lightning. This includes water content, the health of your tree, species of the tree, and age.  

Treating a Tree After Lightning Strike 

If a bolt of lightning has struck your tree. You need to hire a professional tree care company to examine it as soon as possible. An expert will be able to evaluate the amount of damage caused. Then, they will recommend the right thing to do.  

They might start a fertilizer regime right away if the tree is not damaged too seriously. Fertilization will improve the tree’s vigor. It will also help encourage the healthy growth of the roots. If your tree has a strong root system, it can easily get rid of pathogens and insects looking for an easy and weak tree to infest. In addition to that, you should pay close attention to offering supplemental irrigation. Your trees have higher possibilities of suffering during drought because a bolt lightning strike could damage the bark and the roots.  

On the other hand, it is crucial that you get rid of your tree as soon as possible if it is damaged beyond saving. If you don’t do this, your tree will turn into a severe safety risk to property and people around it. Thus, if an arborist recommends removing the tree, you should follow his/her instructions.  

Tree Services Suggestion About What to Do with the Trees Stump

It may be very hard for us to say and bid goodbye to the things that we have kept for a very long time. This will take for so many days, weeks, and months before we can move on. This is actually the similar thoughts when it comes to the trees and plants that we have. This is true especially when you have these plants for a very long time or you were the one who planted these trees around your house. Others have a hard time or it will take them for so many days before they can decide about it.  

Billings tree service would usually tell their clients not to be sad. There will always be new parts that may be growing there or they could take some parts of the trees to be kept. In this way, you don’t need to be very sad of it. Of course, when you are researching things online you can see that there are many methods and ways for you to see things for your tree parts. You can use them in so many ways that you would not imagine that every part of them could be very useful.  

It is nice as well that you get some professional suggestion from the experts. They may not always be there to give you all the things but you can always grow one idea to another. There are some people that they don’t want to keep things anymore since it can help them to remember those things or the trees that they have removed. There are many reasons on why you need to remove the tree and this is the best and ideal thing that you need to do here. All those professional tree companies would give you so much things to ponder about what you really need to do with the parts and the decision making.  

Others don’t know that we can actually make the stump of the tree as part of the candles that we have at our home. Of course, we are not going to use the stump to make a candle itself. We are using this part to hold those candles. This is perfect especially if the stump is not that old. If you are curious about the process and methods of it. Then, you can always check things online to help you.  

One of the most useful things that we have in the kitchen is the cutting board. We need this one so that we don’t damage the table or the tiles. This is the reason why most of the people would buy the wooden one since it can help as well to preserve the sharpness of the knife.  

If you have a garden and the tree stump is bigger than what you are expecting. Then, you can always check things online on how to make this one as your table. It is possible as well to turn this kind of stump into a chair or cupboards.